About Us

Hello ,
I am Shivani.  A silver lover and a big-time hoarder.
Dr. Shivani Thakur

For half of my adult life, I was bought up in a family where gold was valued more than silver. My exposure to this beautiful metal was pretty late, but once I realized its beauty, I fell head over heels in love. Silver as a metal is so so versatile.  It can go with any outfit and any weave.  It is wearable to work,  a date, lunch meet, or even a wedding. It's a great investment and lighter in your pockets too. And it doesn't ever give you allergies. ( yay!!)

Shamaya was born 2 years ago on 15th May  2018.
A trip to Jaipur ,  roaming its bylanes,  meeting various   karigars and then communicating  with excellent and helpful vendors helped us go on our way. .
Currently  we source our beauties from all over the country ..
Our collection at Shamaya aims to please. It is befitting for modern and independent women who know what they want! We also have very competitive rates without any compromise on the quality and the purity of our pieces. Plain silver to stone studded beauties. From temple jewelry to fusion necklaces, we aim to curate all for YOU .
We at Shamaya, hope you find the piece that makes you feel like YOU.
Because this is what Shamaya is all about..
Finding the beauty within us.  Finding the US  within us.
Because,  we believe everyone is beautiful.
So remember,
You are beautiful.