5 Reason to start your silver jewellery collection

5 Reason to start your silver jewellery collection

If you took to the streets to seek people’s opinion on silver rings, you would be surprised to learn the myths that people have on silver jewellery.  Many people believe that silver jewellery is too expensive for them to afford, and this is understandable. For many years, people linked silver to luxury. It could be a reason people coined the phrase “silver spoon” to associate it with wealth.

Jewellery made of sterling silver is the most expensive, and it is for a reason. Sterling silver comprises of 92.5 per cent silver and 7.5 per cent metal alloys. The composition of Sterling silver brings out the tradition of luxurious look to silver jewellery.

On the other hand, some people believe that silver is not good quality because it doesn’t match up to gold. Some other people think that silver can only be used earrings. But these are just myths that we are going to dispel in this article. The fact is that silver can be used in any jewellery, including silver rings for women. Sterling silver jewellery can be used to make jewellery that is both timeless and trendy.

In fact, modern jewellery designers are turning to silver metal because of its many advantages. Silver is easily malleable, has a long lifespan, and it has unrivalled beauty. Whether you are looking for a necklace, finger ring, or any other jewellery, you will find silver accessories that match your tastes and preferences.


Your silver jewellery can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. It’s hard for jewellery made of sterling silver to degrade in quality. But here is the catch. Indeed, jewellery made of sterling silver isn’t cheap. But the good thing is that you can pass some of the silver pieces to your children. To ensure that you are getting the best quality for your silver jewellery, including silver rings for women, ensure that you buy from a reputable jewel shop.

Keeping Up with the Trends

Even when you aren’t looking for jewellery that lasts a lifetime, silver accessories are still a great purchase, especially for women looking to keep up with the current fashion trends. If you have been following the current trends, you will easily notice that jewellery designers will always find a place for silver, even when there’s a change in design. For instance, one of the latest trends includes the use of gemstones and uncut metals to make spring and summertime jewellery. These minerals are often set in silver metal.

Availability of Different Designs

As we pointed out earlier, silver is a soft metal, which helps designers to make different designs of jewellery from the mineral. The wide variety of designs provided by Sterling silver means that you can always find an accessory that suits your taste. Whether you are looking for a ring, locket, pendant, or bracelet, you will always find numerous options.

Great for People with Metal Allergies

Jewellery made of brass, nickel, and other base metals can irritate your skin, causing allergic reactions. However, silver jewellery is hypoallergic, which means that it doesn’t cause skin irritation. If you are allergic to base metals such as brass or nickel, you can wear silver accessories without worry. Hypoallergic properties of silver are essential for accessories such as earrings.  You can wear silver earrings without fearing that your piercing will get infected.  Sterling silver contains small amounts of copper, which doesn’t cause skin reactions.

Silver Accessories are Easy-to-Maintain

It’s not a secret that silver jewellery tarnishes quickly, especially when it sits in a jewel box for too long. But here is the good news! Although silver jewellery tarnishes easily, you can prevent the “dirty look” by wearing it. Surprisingly, the oils produced by the body helps to clean your silver jewellery. Also, there are many ways to remove the dull look on your silver jewellery and restore its original shine. You can also clean your silver jewellery by wiping with a clean cloth or varnish.

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